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Posted by Golfer's Delight · Freitag, 04. Januar 2008 · Golf Blogosphere

Twitter and Golf

Since a couple of months I really enjoy using twitter. I first tried it about a year ago and wasn’t so interested, but the stickyness came around when I decided to give it another shot. And now it is my personal ticker to see what friends are up to or have nice little conversations. What I am missing though, is ...
Posted by Golfer's Delight · Freitag, 02. November 2007 · Golf Blogosphere

The Leading Golf Blogs

Kiki pointed it out very precisely: “One golf blog alone cannot describe the entire beauty of this sport.” So, consequently we had the idea of putting all our golf blogs together in a “meta-blog” that we called The Leading Golf Blogs. I had reserved the domain for quite some time but it hadn’t been until now and with ...